A Venture of Aditya Overseas Group  
Benefits of working with Aditya Overseas.  
  Transparency :  
    Our job is to protect your brand while offering you outsourced solutions to the difficulties of overseas production. Discretion is a key component of this mission and we work hard to ensure that to the consumer, it will be your product, your logo, your tags and your packaging, done to your standards.
  Experience :
    Our executive management team offices in India and abroad have average nearly 30 years of experience in the footwear industry. Aditya Overseas has been facilitating international business for its customers for 20 years. When you put your trust in us, you have decades of experience working for you.
  Cost Reduction :  
    As your Partner, Aditya Overseas will offer you several options to minimize your costs. Negotiating better pricing terms on materials and components, analyzing production materials to reduce duty costs and off-site freight consolidation are just a few ways we can improve your bottom line.  
  Time Savings :  
    Using us as your full-service solution to handle things like design, negotiate contracts, assure quality, oversee manufacturing, complete shipping documents and secure invoice payments, you are freed to focus on the more important parts of your business.  
  Communication :  
    One of the hardest challenges about doing business in Asia is maintaining your line of communication. Time differences and language barriers make it hard to get the information you need quickly. With our offices in the US providing you front line service and our offices in China directly managing your production, Chinook trading makes sure you are never out of touch with your business.  
  • Environmental
  • Information

we are very conscious of the increasing importance of environmental regulations. Our materials and finished products are regularly tested for restricted substances such as Azo, Chrome VI, Formaldehyde, heavy metals and other materials as stipulated in the EU laws. We further emphasize environmentally friendly production and packaging methods. Aditya Overseas has major impact on the footwear industry. We as a Footwear company are getting ready to comply with it by assessing what chemical substances are in our products and pre-register these chemical before placing them on the international market.

Aditya Over Seas believes effective management of information and knowledge is a critical success factor for further growth. Hence a flow of communication is being maintained which is smooth and encompassing all the concerned departments.

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