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  Aditya Overseas is a 25 year old establishment having both capacity and expertise to address cross continent requirement of leather footwear and luggage having back and front office operations for sourcing, merchandising, production and delivery services having expertise and resources for design development and sampling, vendor identification and assessment, scheduling and production planning, quality control, shipping and delivery and trade documentation.    
• Sourcing

Technical support and infrastructure services and facilities for procurement of leather footwear and accessories, and luggage from India and neighboring countries such as BangladeshOur procurement Team carries a Rich specialized experience, having an In-depth knowledge of the different countries, from United States to Europe with different Last Widths an design requirements.However, there is more to obtaining tangible results than just know-how.

Low-cost-country sourcing, strategic purchasing alliances, raw materials hedging - we examine our customers purchasing Plan, and work closely to identify and implement savings opportunities specially in Terms of Cost effective and reliable Production facilities, Product development and sampling Pre production support such as establishing Quality controls standards as required by the International Brands.

• Merchandising

We are one of the young and leading merchandisers in our field of operation; we offer the best business opportunities to our overseas customers by getting business partners, not just vendors which is based on long term relationship with years of experience, trust confidence and growth. Having a successful track record since 1995 with some of the major customers and vice Versa.

• Production

We use the state of art manufacturing production facilities with fully atomized production conditions which include resources and infrastructure constantly using facilities which can produce for international brands. And compliance approved factories

• Quality assurance

Having your products made overseas can be a real concern, especially where ensuring quality is concerned. Aditya Overseas has a team of inspectors across our who will regularly inspect the production and shipping of your products to guarantee they meet your quality standards. This offers you the benefit of competitive prices without compromising quality.

• Packaging

Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use, but in today’s scenario it has gone more wider than its meaning. Packaging has now become a fashion leader. So being a hub of resourses we ensure that our client gets whatever he requires and in addition we also focus on the quality of Tags, Bar-Code, Pictogram, Box label, Tissue/Wrapped Paper etc.

• Logistics and supply chain

This is a very important aspect in the EXIM business as the timely delivery and correct information are the keys to make it a Successful transitionwe are able to offer solutions on minimizing your freight and duty costs. Our services include things like analyzing your designs to see where we might reduce duty on the materials you use and off-site freight consolidation.

For a Integrated supply chain which is close looped and tracked we have an MIS of the movement and it is controlled from the source to destination and is a Bench marked on the agreed TAT.

• Shoe Designing

Born out of a desire to create conceptual footwear across multiple product categories & diverse disciplines. Those where the key attributes when ‘the tailored last’ footwear design consultancy was founded in 2001. Having worked in the footwear industry as a footwear designer & developer since early 1994 for International brands.

We cover all aspects of the footwear design process from entry point to high end, casual, lifestyle, formal & safety product. From start up brands to international collections, we offer an end to end service. Our footwear design & development packages cover all aspects of the process from creative direction, trend research, packaging, logo design, last selection, prototyping and final sales samples. We have worked with Clients & factories in Italy, Bangladesh, china, India(Agra, Kanpur and south of India), USA, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Canada, Russia, Belgium.

  • Environmental
  • Information

we are very conscious of the increasing importance of environmental regulations. Our materials and finished products are regularly tested for restricted substances such as Azo, Chrome VI, Formaldehyde, heavy metals and other materials as stipulated in the EU laws. We further emphasize environmentally friendly production and packaging methods. Aditya Overseas has major impact on the footwear industry. We as a Footwear company are getting ready to comply with it by assessing what chemical substances are in our products and pre-register these chemical before placing them on the international market.

Aditya Over Seas believes effective management of information and knowledge is a critical success factor for further growth. Hence a flow of communication is being maintained which is smooth and encompassing all the concerned departments.

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