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A granular formulation containing an efficient sea weed extract, growth promoting organic constituents and amino acids of plant sources..

Special Features of Basiya:
Eco friendly.
An organic elixir provides ex-ordinary vigour equivalents oncrop growth.
Provides macro and micro nutrients in balanced proportion.
Induces vigorous root growth.
Induces plant growth, tillering, elongation of nodes and girth in crops like sugarcane.
Encourages more production of flowers and fruits.
Prevents flowers and fruits drops.
Induces more pods in crops like pulses (Black gram/Green gram).
Offers resistance to insect pest and diseases.
Prolongs the longevity of crops like Betel-vine and flower crops. (Jasmine, Crossandra etc.)
Maintains physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.
Encourages the activities of the beneficial organisms like earth worms, beneficial bacteria and fungi.
Prevents the incidence of soil pest like root knot nematodes.
Increases the crop yield up to 10-15%.
Dose and Method of Application:

Basiya 8 kg./ac for short duration crops and 10 kg./ac for long duration crops is recommended. The recommended quantity of Basiya can be mixed with 50-100kg Of compost or powdered pressmud and applied preferably as basal for crops. For crops like sugarcane can be either as basal or on or before 30 days (germination period) from planting. For ratoon it can be applied immediately after stubble shaving and shoulder breaking.

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