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  Deep Gel  
The present day Agriculture is aimed for getting higher yield with quality agricultural produce with the use of all agricultural inputs. However awareness about soil health and environment has also been considered as need of the hour. Hitherto, with the introduction of high yielding varieties abundant and indiscriminate use of agro inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides have been used, for achieving higher yields. The use of farm yard manure, green leaf and green manures, industrial and agriculture wastes, has been very limited because of non-availability of these materials and easy availability of chemical fertilizers. This has affected soil fertility and productivity with deterioration of soil health. As a remedy and to protect soil health the integrated nutrient management with inclusion of appropriate level of organic and bio formulations are being recommended.

Even though many organic materials are available in the market, very few are effective in maintaining crop productivity and soil health. Among such effective organic materials, the Deep Gel an organic formulation brought out from a technology developed and licensed (US Patent no 6893,479/ EP Patent No. 1534757, IND Patent No 224938) by CSMCRI. In this technology viz. Kappaphycus technology a marine red algae is used as the principal constituent. Besides , based on our research and development processes, few more organics like humus acids, growth promoting essential amino acids and bio enzymes have been included in this formulation. The innovative organic formulation is very effective in protecting soil health and crop yield in all situations. It is being recommended as soil application. It is compatible with all inorganic fertilizers except urea.
Special Features DLT Drip Special :
An eco —friendly product maintains safe environment.
Protects the soil fertility and productivity.
Maintains soil structure, beneficial microbes, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity.
Promotes root growth and proliferation.
Provides balanced proportion of macro and micro nutrients, essential amino acids and growth promoting substances viz. enzymes, hormones etc.
Increases the growth of aerial biomass of crops.
Helps in profuse early tillering, girth and elongation of nodal length in crops like sugarcane.
Increases the photosynthetic activities in all crops.
Increases the production of buds,flowers and fruit set.
Prevents the shedding of buds, flowers and immature fruits.
Provides rich potassium (2000- 5000 ppm). Converts the unavailable nutrients in to available forms.
Strengthen resistance against insect pests and diseases.
The yield increase realized up to 30 % in all crops.
  Deep Gel dose and method of application:
  The Deep Gel @5 Kg /ac for short duration crop and 10 Kg/ ac for long duration / perennial crops is recommended. The recommended quantity is mixed with 20 kg of field soil / well decomposed and powdered organic materials, and applied uniformly in the field as basal application.
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