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  DLT DRIP Special  
Irrigation water availability for agricultural/ horticultural crops is day by day dwindling due to the failure of monsoons and heavy drawl of ground water sources. The use efficiency of water is also not up to the mark due to the wrong notions like ponding or use of excess water. However improper and indiscriminate use of water not only affecting the crops but also the soil by way of developing salinity. Hence there is a need to find out technologies for the efficient use of water and also provide all essential nutrients through irrigation water as drip fertigation. The practice of providing nitrogen and potassium through drip fertigation is already in vogue but the phosphorus and micronutrients are hitherto applied through soil.. This special liquid formulation is having balanced bio- nutrients supplement for drip irrigation (fertigation) for agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops. It is an integrated product of micronutrients, bio-derived nutrients and growth promoting substances.  
Special Features DLT Drip Special :
DLT Special is a dark, viscous liquid, fully miscible in water.
It is eco- friendly
Provides a balanced proportion of all essential plant nutrients and growth promoting substances.
Induces profuse early tillering, flower buds and flowers
Maintains very high level of chlorophyll content in all growth phases with prolonged photosynthesis.
Activates all enzymes in general and carbon fixing enzyme in particular there by increased dry matter production and yield.
Paves way for getting increased use efficiency of all applied plant nutrients.
Provides increased water use efficiency in all soils.
Improves the quality of economic produce of all crops
Offers resistance to the incidences of insect pest and diseases
Improves the Crop yield up to 25%.
DLT Drip Special tested in TNAU, Sugarcane Research Station, Sirugamani and yield recorded 12.4 t / ac higher than control.
  Dose and Method of Application:
  For long duration crops like Sugarcane, Tapioca, Turmeric, Banana etc. 25 lit./ac is recommended and the same used in 5 times each time 5 lit./ac viz. 30,60,90,120 and 150 days after planting for drip irrigated crops per season.
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