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  Nutri Sap  

Nutri Sap is the extract of the fresh marine red algae. This Sap contains certain prime plant growth substances viz. macro and micro nutrients, growth regulators (IAA, Kinetin, Zeatine, Gibberellins, Cytokinins) soluble protenins, amino acids, enzymes and specifically possesses very high concentrations of potassium (14000-18500 ppm). The sap is used as foliar supplement along with recommended NPK and micro nutrients. When the soil is having inherent problems like alkalinity, sodicity and water logged condition the plant may not get appropriate level of plant nutrients for their growth. Under such condition, when the sap is used as foliar spray it could supply all the nutrients and maintain the crop growth. The number of spray and concentration of sap varies with crop duration and nature of crops.

Special Features of Nutri Sap:
An Organic bio stimulant improves the crop vigour.
Contains balanced proportion of bio absorbable macro and micronutrients, soluble proteins, essential amino acids, plant growth regulators and enzymes.
Promotes photo synthetic activities positively by triggering all carbon fixing enzymes.
Develops resistance against insect pests and diseases as it contains high potassium content.
It is eco friendly, does not affect the Soil, Plant, Atmosphere Continuum (SPAC).
Helps in the mobilization of nutrients and water in to the plants even in the adverse soil and climatic conditions.
Induces the production of buds,flowers and fruits.
Prevents the shedding of buds, flowers and immature fruits.
Overall, it influences positively the crop yield and quality of all agricultural and horticultural crops the yield increases realized up to 30% in all crops.
Dose and Method of Application:
Crop   Dosage/ acre   Time of application
Rice   5 Lit.   Flower initiation
Cotton   5 Lit. ( Twice )   45th & 75th day after planting
Pulses   5 Lit. ( Twice )   20th & 40th day after sowing
Onion   5 Lit.   30 days after sowing
Cholam   5 Lit.   30 days after sowing
Chillies   5 Lit .(twice)   45th & 75th after transplanting
Flowers/ Jassmine   500 ml in 10 Litres water   30 days interval till flower picking
Turmeric   5 Lit.(twice)   45th & 90th after planting
Vegetables   5 Lit. (twice)   30th & 60th day after sowing /transplanting
Sugarcane   5 Lit.   75 — 90 days after planting/ Ratooning
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