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The modern agriculture practices aiming for higher productivity in crops is centred on the use of indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers. Besides, the existing conditions of farming are not in favour of using organic manures due to obvious reasons like reduction in cattle population, non availability of time for growing green manure crops and lack of labour for systemic collection of agricultural and other organic wastes. Much focusing is being given only for the use of NPK fertilizers and either totally ignoring the use of micro nutrients or very limited use only in certain crops. This sort of practices is totally affecting the crop yield and quality of almost all crops irrespective of soil types and locations. In case if the need of micro-nutrients is not satisfied the growth will be affected or crops are grown with hidden hunger. Considering these problems, the micronutrients formulations have been developed for all crops and recommended along with NPK fertilizers so as to achieve higher yield and quality produce. Under this line for different crops micronutrients' formula-tions have been developed and marketed by Sunmac Agro Chemicals.  
Special Features of Sunmac:
Contains all micronutrients in required quantities , proposition and in bio absorbable forms
Induces vigorous root and aerial bio mass production.
Promotes enzymatic activities.
Involves in the biosynthesis of growth promoting substances and their efficient function in the plants.
Favours the production of chlorophyll content and its prolonged existences for the efficient photosynthesis and indirectly enhance higher yields of produce
Helps in early profuse tillering, production of early flower buds and their fruit sets effectively.
Prevents shedding of flowers and immature fruits.
Provides increased water use efficiency in all soils.
Supplies Sulphur & Magnesium as additional nutrients from the formulations which is also deciding yield and quality of many crops.
Helps in achieving higher use efficiency of applied NPK fertilizers.,
Dose and Method of Application:
Crop   Dosage/ acre   Time of application
Groundnut   Mixture No.1   10KG
Millets   Mixture No.2       15 KG
Cotton   Mixture No.3   15 KG
Coconut   Mixture No.4       20 KG
Citrus   Mixture No.5       15 KG
Vegetables   Mixture No.6       10 KG
Pulses   Mixture No.7       10 KG
Rice   Mixture No.11      10 KG
Sugarcane   Mixture No.12       15 KG
Turmeric/Tapioca   Mixture No.12      15 KG
Banana                   Mixture No.13       15 KG

It can be mixed with well decomposed compost or powered press mud and applied as basal dose before planting / seeding.

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