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  Yield Win  

The occurrence of micronutrients deficiency have been very common in almost all agricultural and horticultural crops because use of imbalance and inadequate quantities of micronutrients, and adverse soil and climatic conditions. The micro nutrients deficiencies in many situations are very complex either one or two nutrients are very apparent or others may be masked or exist as hidden hunger. For solving such maladies a holistic liquid formulation is being recommended.

Special Features of Yieldwin:
It is eco- friendly
Induces growth and profuse tillering
Provides a balanced proportion of all essential plant nutrients.
In problem soils (Saline, Sodic and Saline sodic Soils) the nutrients disorders can be resolved .
Induces proper plant growth even under adverse climatic conditions.
Activates the carbon fixing enzymes positively with higher dry matter production in crops.
Maintains higher levels of Chlorophyll contents in the foliages for earring out prolonged photo synthesis
Helps in maintaining metabolically active micronutrients in the plant system which indirectly protects the health of the crops.
Offers resistance to the incidences of insect pests and diseases.
Increases, the crop yield up to 30%.
Dose and Method of Application:
Crop   Dosage/ acre   Time of application
Rice   500 ml (twice)   30-45 after transplanting one spray,2nd spray after 60-75 days.
Cotton   500 ml (twice)   45 & 75 days after sowing
Pulses   500 ml (twice)   20th & 40th day after sowing
Onion   500 ml   30 days after sowing
Maize   500 ml   30 days after sowing
Chillies   500 ml (twice)   45th & 75th day after transplanting
Flowers/ Jassmine   50 ml in 10 fits water   Once in 30 days interval
Turmeric   500 ml (twice )   45th & 90th days after planting
Vegetables   500 ml (twice )   30th day after sowing /planting and 2 nd spray 60 days.
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